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The Importance of Following Up After Submitting a Job Application

Task applications are a vital part of the employing procedure, as they offer companies with a first impression of possible prospects. Nonetheless, sending an application is just the primary step in securing a task. Acting on your application can be similarly important, as it provides you the opportunity to demonstrate your excitement and professionalism, reaffirm your interest in the placement, and stand out from other candidates.


We will certainly review the significance of following up after submitting a task application, the appropriate timing and techniques of follow-up, reasons for not following up, best techniques for following up, and more. Whether you’re a current graduate or an experienced specialist, this write-up will provide you with useful recommendations on how to raise your chances of landing your desire job.


The Purpose of Following Up

Submitting a work application is simply the primary step in the employing procedure, and it is necessary to remember that many other candidates might have likewise looked for the same setting. Therefore, following up on your application can be equally as vital as sending it, as it serves several functions.


Demonstrate Excitement and Professionalism And Reliability

Acting on your application reveals that you are positive, interested, and significant concerning the placement. It demonstrates your excitement for the possibility and your professionalism and trust in seeking it.


Reaffirm Rate Of Interest in the Placement

Following up enables you to declare your interest in the placement and the company. It shows that you are not just sending applications thoughtlessly but have done your study and are genuinely curious about the job.


Stand Out From Various Other Candidates

Following up collections you apart from other candidates that may not have actually followed up. It shows that you want to go the extra mile and take initiative, which can make a positive impression on the hiring manager.


Address Any Type Of Worries or Questions

Following up can likewise provide you the opportunity to deal with any kind of problems or concerns the hiring supervisor might have concerning your application. You can clear up any details or give extra information that may not have been clear in your first application.


On the whole, following up after submitting a task application can boost your chances of getting noticed and taken into consideration for the setting. It can demonstrate your enthusiasm, reaffirm your interest, and establish you in addition to other candidates. In the following section, we will discuss the appropriate timing and approaches of follow-up.


Timing and Methods of Follow-Up

After sending a task application, it is necessary to follow up at the appropriate time and utilizing the ideal techniques. Take into consideration the complying with standards to ensure your follow-up works:



Offer the hiring supervisor sufficient time to review applications before following up. Waiting for about one week after sending your application is generally a practical duration. This permits the hiring team to undergo initial testing and review processes. However, if the job publishing specifies a different timeline or due date, it’s suggested to follow up appropriately.


Email Follow-Up

Email is a typical and reliable approach for acting on a job application. Craft an expert and succinct email revealing your continued rate of interest in the placement. Say thanks to the hiring manager for considering your application and briefly emphasize your certifications. Be respectful, stay clear of being pushy, and keep the email focused on your interest for the opportunity.


Telephone Call Follow-Up

Sometimes, a telephone call can be a more straight method to follow up on your application. Nonetheless, make certain that you have a specific factor for calling, such as requesting an update on the employing process or looking for explanation on any kind of details. Prepare a brief script ahead of time to guarantee you convey your message plainly and professionally.


In-Person See

While not constantly necessary, an in-person visit can make an enduring perception. Nonetheless, it’s essential to exercise caution and consider the company culture and standards. If you make a decision to check out, outfit expertly, introduce yourself politely to the receptionist or human resources workers, and inquire if it’s feasible to briefly talk with somebody concerning your application.


Keep in mind, no matter the method you select, constantly keep professionalism and trust, be courteous, and prevent too much determination. Following up shows your aggressive approach and authentic interest in the setting, but it’s crucial to strike the right equilibrium between assertiveness and respect for the hiring process.


Common Reasons for Not Following Up

While following up after submitting a work application is generally advised, there are several reasons people might be reluctant to do so. Allow’s check out some usual issues.


  1. Anxiety of being viewed as aggressive: Work candidates fret that connecting might frustrate or bother the hiring manager. Nevertheless, when done professionally and professionally, following up shows your real rate of interest and interest, instead of being aggressive.
  2. Lack of get in touch with info: Without a marked e-mail address or phone number, it can be challenging to recognize where and just how to direct your follow-up interaction. In such situations, it serves to reach out to the basic firm email or speak to the HR department for support.
  3. Belief that the employing procedure is stiff: Some individuals think that the employing process adheres to a rigorous timeline which any type of follow-up attempts would certainly be neglected. While it’s true that business have their procedures, following up can still show your proactive nature and dedication to the position.
  4. Concern of denial or adverse response: Work appplicants fret that reaching out might bring about dissatisfaction or damage their chances better. Nonetheless, it is very important to remember that following up provides a chance to showcase your enthusiasm and expertise, which can leave a favorable impression even if the end result is not prompt.
  5. Regardless of these concerns, it’s important to bear in mind that following up after submitting a task application can dramatically increase your presence and show your commitment to the placement. In the following section, we will certainly check out case studies and success tales of individuals that followed up after submitting their applications.


10 Best Practices for Following Up

When it pertains to following up after submitting a task application, there are numerous best methods to keep in mind. Consider the following guidelines:


Be Professional

Maintain an expert tone and behavior in all your follow-up interactions. Usage correct language, grammar, and format in your e-mails or call. Deal with every interaction as an opportunity to showcase your expertise.


Express Gratefulness

Beginning your follow-up message by revealing thankfulness for the opportunity to use and be thought about for the setting. Thank the hiring supervisor for their time and consideration.


Highlight Your Credentials

Briefly advise the hiring manager of your qualifications and why you want the setting. Emphasize exactly how your skills and experience straighten with the work needs.


Maintain It Concise

Maintain your follow-up message concise and to the point. Stay clear of rambling or including unneeded information. Respect the time of the hiring manager by offering clear and pertinent information.


Individualize Your Interaction

Whenever possible, personalize your follow-up message. Reference particular details from your application or any kind of previous communications you might have had with the firm or individuals associated with the working with procedure. This shows that you have actually made the effort to research study and involve with the opportunity.


Choose the Right Timing

Follow up at an appropriate time, generally regarding one week after sending your application. This enables adequate time for the working with team to examine applications without showing up impatient.


Use Multiple Channels

Think about utilizing multiple channels for follow-up, such as email or telephone call. Select the technique that straightens with your comfort level and the firm’s favored mode of interaction.


Comply with Instructions

If the task uploading gives particular guidelines concerning follow-up, ensure that you adhere to them. Some business might explicitly mention their recommended method or timeline for follow-up.


Be Respectful and Patient

Bear in mind that hiring procedures can take some time, and the hiring supervisor might be managing various applications. Be considerate and person while waiting for an action. Prevent extreme follow-ups or appearing extremely excited.


Consider Specialist Services

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or not sure concerning just how to follow up successfully, think about employing an expert reverse recruiting service to handle your task search for you. These services can help with following up with employers after applications are sent and after interviews, saving you time and lowering the anxiety of second-guessing on your own.


By adhering to these finest practices, you can efficiently act on your task application while maintaining professionalism and reliability and boosting your possibilities of standing out as a solid candidate.


Key Takeaways

Following up after submitting a work application is an essential element of the job search process. By sticking to the best practices laid out above, you can show your expertise, authentic interest, and excitement for the setting. Keep in mind to be considerate, succinct, and timely in your follow-up communications.


It’s easy to understand that some individuals may really feel overloaded or unsure about exactly how to follow up properly. In such instances, it may be beneficial to take into consideration employing an expert solution to manage your task search for you. Find My Occupation supplies reverse recruiting services to make certain that your follow-up messages are dealt with.


Following up is a possibility to showcase your professionalism and commitment to the setting. Taking the initiative to follow up demonstrates your positive approach and can leave a positive perception on the hiring supervisor.


All the best with your task search, and may your follow-up initiatives bring about effective outcomes!

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