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Resumewriter Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Professional Resume Services

Your Gateway to Career Success: A Comprehensive Resumewriter Review

In the competitive world of job hunting, Resumewriter stands as a beacon of support, guiding countless individuals to their dream careers for over a decade. Specializing in various career-oriented services, Resumewriter dedicates its resources to crafting exceptional resumes, CVs, and LinkedIn profiles. They also provide indispensable add-ons such as cover letters and one-on-one consultations geared towards enhancing your career progression.

With a commitment to tailor-made services, Resumewriter’s approach aligns with modern recruitment needs. Their experience and expertise in creating ATS-optimized resumes ensure that your application can effortlessly pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), increasing your chances of landing that coveted job interview.

Pricing and Packages: Catering to Various Career Needs

Resumewriter offers various services tailored to diverse career stages and budgets. Here’s an overview of their standard packages:

  • Student Package at $169.95 includes a 72-hour standard turnaround, optional 24-hour rush service, add-ons like cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, and direct one-on-one consultation.
  • Professional Package, the most popular choice at $199.95, shares similar features with the Student Package but is aimed at seasoned professionals.
  • For experienced executives, the Executive Package at $299.95 offers the services of their most skilled writers.
  • Those seeking to switch careers can benefit from the Career Change Package at $249.95.
  • With the Tech/IT Package at $229.95, professionals in the tech industry can take advantage of specialized services.
  • The Military-to-Civilian Package at $169.95 offers a discounted rate for military personnel transitioning to civilian roles.
  • For an international approach, the CV Package is available at $299.95.
  • In addition, the LinkedIn Profile Service at $199.95 is available standalone or as an add-on to any resume service for just $120.

From Registration to Delivery: The Resumewriter Process

Engaging with Resumewriter is a hassle-free and straightforward journey. It all starts with a visit to their website. You choose your preferred service or PackagePackage and make the payment.

Next, you are paired with a dedicated consultant who works closely with you, understanding your professional goals and gathering the necessary details to craft a compelling resume.

If preferred, an initial draft is ready within a standard 72-hour turnaround or 24-hour rush period. With Resumewriter, the advantage lies in their unlimited revisions policy, ensuring that the final product meets your satisfaction.

The document you receive is stylistically impressive and ATS-optimized, enhancing your chances of capturing a recruiter’s attention. With a robust focus on customer satisfaction, Resumewriter proves to be more than just a service; it becomes your partner in career progression.

Resumewriter Reviews: The Word on the Web

Many positive reviews across various third-party platforms support Resumewriter’s standing in the industry. Customers commend Resumewriter for its professional service and high-quality resume writing.

Many testimonials highlight the writers’ exceptional knowledge and skill, the caliber of the documents produced, and the excellent customer service. The responsive nature of the writers and the policy of unlimited revisions are highly appreciated, attesting to Resumewriter’s commitment to customer satisfaction and providing value for money.

However, like any service, Resumewriter has its challenges. A few customers reported longer-than-expected delivery times and the need for multiple revisions. Nevertheless, these negatives were few and far between, with the positives far outweighing the occasional hiccups.

Comparing Resumewriter: Advantages and Disadvantages

Every service has strengths and weaknesses, and Resumewriter is no exception. Let’s take a look:


  • Dedicated Consultation: Resumewriter assigns a dedicated consultant to each client, providing personalized and focused assistance.
  • Unlimited Revisions: Resumewriter stands out with its unlimited revisions policy, demonstrating a sincere commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Versatile Packages: With options for students, professionals, executives, career-changers, tech professionals, military-to-civilian, and more, Resumewriter’s comprehensive services cater to various career needs.


  • Pricing: While the quality of service is high, some clients may find Resumewriter’s pricing steep compared to other services in the market.
  • Turnaround Time: Although most orders are completed within the promised timeframe, occasional delays have been reported, which might be a disadvantage for those with urgent requirements.

Resumewriter Review: The Final Verdict

Upon meticulous examination of the services offered, analysis of numerous customer reviews, and comparison with competitors, Resumewriter emerges as a reliable and valuable service in the resume-writing industry. The company’s strength lies in its commitment to delivering personalized services tailored to different career stages and requirements. This commitment is reflected in their policy of unlimited revisions and their aim for complete client satisfaction.

While some may find the pricing higher, it is essential to consider the quality of service, the level of personalized attention, and the potential positive impact a professionally written resume can have on one’s career progression. In this light, the investment in Resumewriter could provide a significant return in improved career prospects.


How long does the resume writing process take at Resumewriter?

The initial draft is typically ready within 72 hours, although a 24-hour rush service is also available. The completion time may vary depending on the complexity of the job and the number of revisions requested.

Is Resumewriter a reliable service?

Yes. Resumewriter has provided professional resume-writing services for over a decade and has garnered numerous positive reviews across various platforms, testifying to its reliability.

How does Resumewriter’s pricing compare to other services?

Resumewriter offers a variety of packages tailored to different career stages and needs. While some may find it expensive, the level of personalized service, quality of deliverables, and potential career impact often justify the cost.

What if I need more than just a resume?

Resumewriter offers cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile creation, and one-on-one consultations. Depending on your needs, these can be ordered separately or as part of a package.

Your dream job is just a click away. Sign up for our resume writing service and get noticed by potential employers.

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