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Resume Writing Services in Orlando

Ready to land your dream job? Let us help you create a winning resume today. Sign up for our professional resume writing service now!

In search of the golden ticket to your dream job in Orlando’s diverse job landscape? Which resume writing services can provide you with the winning edge? Unveil the best choices in the region, each equipped with its unique strengths and areas that could be enhanced:

The Resume Writing Guild

Plus: Professional Expertise

Minus: Premium Pricing


Plus: Quick Turnaround

Minus: Less Specialized Services

Career Steering

Plus: Executive Focus

Minus: Limited Entry-Level Support

Resume Writers’ Ink

Plus: Creativity in Writing

Minus: Limited Reviews


Plus: Progressive Approaches

Minus: Higher Costs

The Resume Chic & Co.

Plus: Personalized Touch

Minus: Narrow Industry Focus

Resume Phenom

Plus: Affordable Pricing

Minus: Fewer Add-on Services

Creative Resumes, Inc.

Plus: Artistic Designs

Minus: Limited Personalization

Resumes by Sean

Plus: Client-Centric Approach

Minus: Slower Delivery

Upgrade Resume

Plus: Comprehensive Offerings

Minus: Limited Expertise in Certain Fields

Mentor Happy

Plus: Career Coaching Focus

Minus: Limited Resume Writing Options

Let’s delve into these services, enabling you to find the best match for your career aspirations and budget!

The Resume Writing Guild

Expertise: The Resume Writing Guild is a seasoned player in Orlando, offering specialized resume-writing services that cater to a broad spectrum of professionals.

Services Offered: Their extensive offerings include resume writing, cover letter construction, LinkedIn profile development, and interview coaching.

Why Choose The Resume Writing Guild:

  • Guaranteed Results: They stand behind their service with a unique guarantee, promising interviews within a set timeframe or revising your resume for free.
  • Industry-Specific Writers: Their team comprises writers with specialized knowledge across various fields, ensuring your resume resonates with your targeted industry.
  • Personalized Service: Through one-on-one consultations, they gain an understanding of your career goals and craft a resume that precisely aligns with them.
  • Comprehensive Support: Beyond crafting an outstanding resume, they provide a holistic approach, assisting you in every aspect of the job search, from networking strategies to salary negotiation techniques.


Expertise: ResumeZest is recognized for timely and high-quality resume solutions for Orlando’s ever-changing employment sectors.

Services Offered: They provide resume crafting, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile improvement.

Why Choose ResumeZest:

  • Efficient Service: Praised by clients for their ability to deliver quality work quickly without losing attention to detail.
  • Career Alignment: They focus on understanding your career goals, ensuring that your resume resonates with your objectives.
  • Industry Knowledge: Adept at tailoring your resume to meet the specific demands of Orlando’s diverse industries.

Career Steering

Expertise: A specialized service catering to executives and senior-level professionals in Orlando.

Services Offered: Resume writing, executive coaching, cover letter preparation, and more.

Why Choose Career Steering:

  • Executive Expertise: Their writers specialize in administrative resumes, knowing what top companies look for.
  • Strategic Focus: They take the time to understand your long-term career objectives and craft your resume accordingly.
  • Success Rate: Many clients have achieved their desired roles through carefully crafted resumes.

Resume Writers’ Ink

Expertise: Resume Writers’ Ink is celebrated for its innovative and creatively crafted resumes in Orlando’s job market.

Services Offered: From resume writing to LinkedIn profile development, they offer a comprehensive range of career-enhancing services.

Why Choose Resume Writers’ Ink:

  • Creative Flair: Their artistic writing approach makes each resume unique, ensuring it stands out.
  • Individual Focus: By highlighting your specific talents and achievements, they craft resumes that reflect your personality.
  • Quality Assurance: With experienced writers, they ensure your resume is professional and tailored to Orlando’s diverse industries.


Expertise: Resume-Evolution employs modern techniques and designs to craft professional resumes.

Services Offered: They offer resume writing, cover letter creation, and LinkedIn profile modernization, among other benefits.

Why Choose Resume-Evolution:

  • Innovative Methods: Utilizing the latest industry trends, they create resumes that appeal to modern employers.
  • Professional Growth Focus: Their services are tailored to align with your career growth and objectives.
  • Client Satisfaction: Positive client feedback highlights their ability to generate interviews and job offers.

The Resume Chic & Co.

Expertise: Specializing in providing personalized resume writing services in Orlando for professionals across various sectors.

Services Offered: Includes resume crafting, cover letters, LinkedIn optimization, and interview preparation.

Why Choose The Resume Chic & Co.:

  • Bespoke Writing: They work closely with clients to ensure each resume reflects individual strengths and career goals.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Their detailed-oriented approach ensures quality and uniqueness in every document.
  • Client Engagement: Focused on building relationships, they support you throughout your job-seeking journey.

Resume Phenom

Expertise: Offering budget-friendly resume writing solutions tailored to Orlando’s local employment demands.

Services Offered: Services encompass resume creation, cover letter writing, and other career support tools.

Why Choose Resume Phenom:

  • Affordability: With competitive pricing, they cater to professionals at various career stages without compromising quality.
  • Local Insight: Deep understanding of Orlando’s job market dynamics makes them effective in crafting targeted resumes.
  • Timely Service: Quick turnaround ensures you stay ahead in the fast-paced job market.

Creative Resumes, Inc.

Expertise: Known for crafting visually appealing and content-rich resumes for Orlando’s professionals.

Services Offered: Resume writing, creative cover letters, and portfolio development are some of their main offerings.

Why Choose Creative Resumes, Inc.:

  • Visual Appeal: Their design-focused approach ensures your resume catches the eye of recruiters.
  • Tailored Content: They align your resume with your career aspirations through one-on-one consultation.
  • Industry Versatility: Their writing team possesses diverse industry expertise, enhancing the appeal of your resume.

Resumes by Sean

Expertise: Offering personalized resume writing services emphasizing individual career goals.

Services Offered: Resume creation, cover letter writing, and career consultation, among other benefits.

Why Choose Resumes by Sean:

  • Client-Centric Approach: Working closely with clients ensures tailored and effective resumes.
  • Results-Oriented: Focused on delivering results, their crafted resumes lead to job interviews and offers.
  • Dedicated Support: Committed to client satisfaction, they offer support throughout your job search journey.

Upgrade Resume

Expertise: A comprehensive service that improves existing resumes for Orlando’s professionals.

Services Offered: Resume upgrading, cover letter enhancement, and LinkedIn profile improvement.

Why Choose Upgrade Resume:

  • Holistic Improvement: They specialize in transforming existing resumes into professional documents.
  • Expert Writers: Their team consists of skilled writers familiar with various industries.
  • Personalized Focus: Your unique career objectives guide the enhancement of your resume, ensuring alignment with your goals.

Mentor Happy

Expertise: Mentor Happy offers more than resume writing, focusing on overall career coaching and development.

Services Offered: Includes resume crafting, career coaching, interview preparation, and mentorship programs.

Why Choose Mentor Happy:

  • Career Development Focus: Beyond resume writing, they provide coaching to align your career path with your goals.
  • Customized Support: They offer personalized mentorship programs tailored to individual needs and aspirations.
  • Professional Guidance: Experienced mentors assist in building confidence and strategy for your career growth.

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