Why do I need to verify my email address?

You are required to verify your email address associated with your Openresume account to be able to use the services provided by Openresume. Your security is important to us. Verifying your email address lets us know that you truly own your email address and allows us to better assist you if you need any support. It also helps us to protect the data you share on Openresume’s platform. Furthermore, it is a more secured communication avenue between us and our esteemed users

This article will address the following:

• What is email verification?
• What happens when someone registers for Openresume?
• Step-By-Step email registration Process
• Troubleshooting Tips 

What's email verification?

Email Verification is our process for confirming that Openresume users control the email addresses they provide to us. This prevents someone from signing up for an Openresume account with an email they don't have access to.

Verification is a one-time process; once your email address is verified, you will not need to verify again.
A new user signing up for an Openresume account will be sent a link via email to verify their email address. Simply click the "Verify Email" button in the automated email. You should be all set!

What happens when someone registers for openresume?

New users who sign up for an openresume account with an email address are considered "unverified."
Upon providing their email, an email containing a verification link is immediately sent to the email address provided. Keep in mind, the user is not able to use the openresume platform until their email is verified.

If logged out, the user will be prompted to verify at the next login. Unverified users can never access the openresume dashboard—they will always be prompted to verify before logging in.
Any users who sign up through Single Sign-On (including LinkedIn) are automatically considered verified.

Step-By-Step Process:

1. View After First Registration

2. Verification Email

Troubleshooting Tips 

1. You are Unable to Click "Verify Your Email" 

Openresume alternative means of email verification

If you are unable to click on the orange "Verify Email" button included in the verification email, simply copy the full verification URL and paste it into your browser.

2. Still unable to verify?

If the troubleshooting steps above do not solve your verification issue, please submit a support request hereso that the Openresume team can assist you with the process.