What is Openresume?

Openresume is a platform that allows you to create your portfolio website e.g johnson.openresume.io. With Openresume, you need not bother about Hosting fees, domain name, Site integrations, Microservices, Caching, Security, Server Administration, all those techy jargon. Upon signing up, you get a free custom template plus a free openresume domain name.


Openresume is designed to simplify the process of owning a website and thus requires no coding or any technical skill to get your personalized website up and running for little or no cost.

But first things first, you need an account with a valid email address. If you have not registered an account, click hereto get started. Then Verify your email address(why?) and complete your registration.

After successful account registration, the system will automatically generate your portfolio based on the information we already have such as your name, email, a default template, and a URL generated from your username to bootstrap your website creation process. 

Your website is mostly empty in the beginning, your URL ( username.openresume.io) will show a "Coming Soon" page (you will have to change this in your site settings)

Your website template has different sections e.g., education, job experience, services you offer, etc. At Openresume, these sections are divided into plugins which can be found in your Dashboard > portfolio. As you fill in the information, they appear on your website

A template is a website design with sections of information. So, you can change your template at any time to get the website that most suits your needs.

With Openresume, you need not worry about coding to create a nice website for yourself or your business, follow the procedures in our "getting started" guide for steps to creating your portfolio.

Also, visit our FAQfor answers to your other questions