Using Openresume Twitter Engagement Tool

More than ever customer engagement tools have become eminent as the world today is creating massive shifts in customer behavior and catalyzing end-to-end business reorientation.

Customers want a seamless experience, no matter where they engage with your brand. Using digital engagement solutions is the direct route to achieving the core business objectives. It is the pathway to everything that a business wants, be it customer loyalty, profits, or brand advocacy. 

When you engage your customers, you draw them closer to your brand by delivering a great experience. And that’s when the magic starts to happen.

Twitter  is an excellent platform to engage with friends and follow your favorite industry experts. But if you want to use it to promote your business or your personal brand, you have to broadcast tweets every once in a while.

Twitter for openresume is an Engagement tool that markets your business or personal brand every once in a while, while you focus on your career.

To begin using the openresume Twitter engagement tool, all the following checklist must be checked:

You must have an openresume website

Don't have one? No problem, you can easily create one here.

openresume signup page

Register an account and follow all the prompts to create your first website with openresume.

Your openresume website must be active

Ensure that your site is not in “coming soon” mode. If you're just creating a website with openresume, your website starts off with the coming soon page so you can focus on building the page content. Whenever you're ready,  Goto Portfolio settings and change the Privacy setting to Public

openresume portfolio detail
Portfolio detail page. Click on the Settings icon to go to portfolio settings
openresume privacy setting
Ensure that your privacy setting is set to public

You must have at least a personal package subscription

Once that is done, you’re mostly ready and halfway done. Log on to your openresume dashboard.

openresume dashboard

Go to the “Tools” menu and choose the Twitter Engagement tool

Twitter for openresume

Click connect account to connect your Twitter account to your openresume portfolio website. This will redirect you to the Twitter application for authentication. Authorize the openresume app to have access to your account and you will be redirected to openresume.

openresume twitter authorization page

Connecting your Twitter account means you agree with the openresume Twitter engagement tool user agreement.

On Authorization, you will be prompted with a start-up wizard.

openresume twitter engagement setup wizard

“Start from scratch” means, you will have to build your tweet list on openresume yourself. Click the “Add new” button to add new tweets to the schedule. Remember to resume the auto-tweet once you are satisfied with building your tweet queue.

openresume twitter engagement starting from scratch
When you select “start from scratch”, Auto-tweet is paused to allow you to configure your tweet schedule

“Preset from tweet template” means you choose to pre-load your tweet list with 150 unique messages ranging from funny tweets, promotional tweets, popular quotes, and song quotes.

That’s it you are ready to go. You may close the application. Openresume will send the tweets to your account every day.

Here's How it works

1. Tweet list contains a queue of twitter content that is periodically sent to your Twitter by our system daily

2. The topmost Twitter content is tweeted by our system. However, if you feel the need to send a particular tweet immediately, open the context menu (right-click for Desktop, hold for mobile) and click Tweet now.

3. You may resort to the tweet schedule by holding and dragging the tweet content.

4. Use the Add new button to add new Twitter content either to the top or the bottom of the queue.

5. After each successful tweet, the corresponding twitter content is sent to the bottom of the queue except for one-off content in which case it is removed from the queue. 

6. When paused, tweets will not be automatically sent to your Twitter account by openresume.


Happy Tweeting!!! From All of us at Openresume