Openresume Account Dashboard


Welcome to your dashboard, your dashboard is an interface for your website which gives you a behind-the-scenes overview of your portfolio. Here are some of the items you will see on your openresume dashboard

Portfolio Details

Portfolio details is a dashboard section containing details about your portfolio website. Contained in the portfolio details are:

Portfolio URL: This is the unique link that currently points to your portfolio. Your portfolio is assessable via this URL. It can be copied and shared with anyone you want to view your website.

Portfolio name: The name associated with your portfolio is displayed here.

Portfolio status:This option shows if your public URL displays a coming soon page to your site visitors or displays your portfolio content. The status of your portfolio is set to "private" by default. This can be changed at Site privacy in Portfolio settings when you have added enough information in the plugins to be displayed on your website.

Views:Here, you are shown the number of times people interacted with your portfolio URL. i.e. the number of views on your portfolio. It is counted per website hits

Top templates

Some of our most used and trending templates across the openresume community are displayed here for you to keep in touch with the latest designs. Templates are the plates upon which your information is displayed on your website. They are categorized into Personal, Business, education, etc.

Advanced template search

At Openresume, we have a variety of templates you can choose from to suit your particular need. You may opt to search customarily for templates that fit your choice, or search by 'type', 'date added' as we are constantly adding new and improved templates in order to improve user experience. You can also choose templates on a budget by using the 'price range' search option

Website visits

Lastly, visits to your sites are shown graphically on a chart. This helps you keep an eye on how popular your website is fast becoming.

Website visit [unique visitors] is the amount of unique user that visits your website per day while website hits are the number of clicks on your website.