Branding tips for your website

How are you setting yourself apart from your competition? How do you want customers to remember you? Branding is an important part of building a sustainable website, no matter how new your site is. Here are five quick tips for building your brand, attracting more customers, and keeping them coming back for more.

Add a logo

A great logo makes a memorable first impression. Choose something that represents you or business company and a design that will resonate with your site visitors.

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Use a custom domain

A custom domain reinforces your brand name and makes your URL memorable, so visitors can easily find you again.

Choose the right web design

Maybe your site showcases your photography or your personal style. Perhaps it’s an educational site, or a travel blog. Whatever your focus, there’s a theme that will beautifully showcase your words and images.

Remove ads

Ads can be distracting — choosing an plan without ads means you get visitors’ undivided attention.

Use publicity tools

Website publicity is one of the major ways to attract visitors to your website. Share your site URL on social media and other websites. It would be best to use some of our audience engagement tools to boost traffic to your website.

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