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Openresume is an online portfolio website builder that helps you build and manage your personalized portfolio/ resume website for yourself or your business.

Don't worry if you have never built a website before. Our website builder will help you every step of the way.

Relax and enjoy!, we've got you covered.

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Build your portfolio with openresume

Create, edit and publish a beautiful responsive portfolio/resume website instantly. Zero code / design thinking required. Set up portfolio in minutes and create an online presence for yourself and your brand all over the world.

So we put a lot of work into colors, icons, composition and design harmony. Themed components and layouts with same design language.

We kept user experience principles always at the heart of the design process.


Sell yourself; Represent your brand. All in openresume

Bootstrap your career by choosing one of our awesome pre-built templates for your openresume website.

Each template is created with layouts and plugins to satisfy a particular website need. Select one that is most suitable to you and customise all you want to create your perfect portfolio.

No code No limits

Build simply with openresume and integrate the most amazing features for your website, portfolio, resume in an instant with our powerful integration and management tools.

Create world class website with amazing external services and open yourself to a world of possibilities.


Build a site without a developer - Open Resume

Grow without limits
The potential for a bigger and better site and a bigger and better audience is built right in.

Stand out with our professionally designed templates

We did our best to create layouts for various needs that our users might have and best experience for their visitors.
They are clean and slick. They function well and look good at the same time. So no matter your site or your style, we will find one just right for you.


All inclusive. No hidden Charges, Cancel anytime




  • Free Hosting

  • Openresume subdomain

  • SSL certificate

  • SEO Tools

  • 20MB Storage

  • 1 Template



$2/month + 2 months free

  • Free Plan plus

  • Remove Ads

  • Unlimited Bandwith

  • Custom domain

  • 24/7 support

  • Twitter Engagement Tool

  • Schema Markup

  • 100 MB File Storage

  • 5 extra templates



$5/month + 2 months free

  • Personal plan plus

  • Video Support

  • Tag manager

  • Analytics

  • Live chat

  • 1 GB File Storage

  • 5+ templates

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