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1. TopResume

Expertise: TopResume boasts an impressive track record with its skilled writers, proficient in catering to various industries. They specialize in translating your accomplishments into a captivating narrative.

Pricing: Their packages start at $149, making them a mid-range option.


  • Offers a complimentary resume review to evaluate your current standing.
  • Writers are versed in diverse sectors, ensuring tailored content.
  • Provides expedited services for time-sensitive situations.


  • Some users may find the pricing relatively steep.
  • Outcomes can vary based on the assigned writer.

2. ResumesPlanet

Expertise: ResumesPlanet stands out for its ability to cater to a broad spectrum of career levels and industries. They excel in crafting resumes that align with industry-specific keywords.

Pricing: Packages commence around $115, positioning them as a relatively affordable choice.


  • Their 24/7 customer support ensures continuous assistance.
  • Direct communication with writers facilitates personalized collaboration.
  • A satisfaction guarantee policy with free revisions offers peace of mind.


  • Additional services like cover letter writing may incur extra costs.
  • Some users have reported minor grammatical issues in the final drafts.

3. CraftResumes

Expertise: CraftResumes brings a creative flair to resume writing, focusing on amplifying your distinctive strengths and accomplishments.

Pricing: Their packages start at $129, positioning them as a moderately-priced option.


  • Industry-specific experts cater to different career levels.
  • Additional services, such as LinkedIn profile optimization, are available.
  • Writers with varied industry experiences ensure comprehensive content.


  • During peak periods, the turnaround time may extend.
  • Pricing might be relatively higher for some users.

4. Resumeble

Expertise: Resumeble prioritizes modern aesthetics and multimedia elements, resulting in visually appealing resumes.

Pricing: With packages starting at $149, they fall within the mid-range pricing category.


  • Unlimited revisions ensure ultimate satisfaction.
  • ATS-friendly designs ensure optimal performance in automated systems.
  • Quick turnaround times coupled with responsive customer support.


  • Multimedia elements might not align well with traditional industries.
  • Their premium packages can be relatively expensive.

5. LinkedIn Makeover

Expertise: LinkedIn Makeover excels at transforming and optimizing LinkedIn profiles for maximum visibility and engagement.

Pricing: Their pricing starts at $225, positioning them as a higher-tier option.


  • Personalized consultation with dedicated writers enhances collaboration.
  • Deep understanding of LinkedIn algorithms boosts profile visibility.
  • Strategies for leveraging LinkedIn effectively for networking are provided.


  • Pricing might be prohibitive for some users.
  • Turnaround times can vary based on the writer’s schedule.

6. Find My Profession

Expertise: Find My Profession is a premium service that specializes in crafting resumes for various career levels, especially suited for executives.

Pricing: Pricing information is available upon request, indicating a premium offering.


  • Dedicated writers with industry-specific expertise ensure tailored content.
  • A 60-day interview guarantee underscores their confidence in their work.
  • Offers executive coaching and interview preparation services.


  • The premium quality corresponds to premium pricing.
  • Transparent pricing information might not be available upfront.

7. CareerPerfect

Expertise: CareerPerfect offers a wide array of industry-specific expertise and services, from resume writing to cover letter creation.

Pricing: Their packages start at around $209, positioning them as a moderately-priced choice.


  • Satisfaction guarantee with free revisions within 30 days.
  • Offers comprehensive services, including federal job application assistance.
  • User-friendly online ordering process simplifies engagement.


  • Pricing might be relatively higher compared to some alternatives.
  • Some users may prefer more direct writer communication.

8. ResumesGuaranteed

Expertise: ResumesGuaranteed is a well-established option known for its straightforward process and user-friendly interface.

Pricing: With packages starting at $199, they offer mid-range pricing.


  • Satisfaction guarantee coupled with free revisions.
  • Rush delivery option accommodates urgent needs.
  • Transparent and intuitive ordering process.


  • Some users might perceive their prices as relatively high.
  • Quality can vary depending on the assigned writer.

9. Great Resumes Fast

Expertise: Great Resumes Fast prides itself on prompt service delivery and quality output. They offer a holistic approach with resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, and career coaching.

Pricing: Pricing varies based on services rendered, and they are considered a higher-tier option.


  • Personalized attention from experienced writers tailored to your industry.
  • ATS-friendly designs increase the likelihood of passing automated screenings.
  • Multiple package options cater to different requirements.


  • Premium pricing might be a limiting factor for some users.
  • Transparent pricing information might be more user-friendly.

10. Resume Writers

Expertise: Resume Writers is a reliable choice, backed by years of experience and a wide spectrum of industry expertise.

Pricing: Their pricing varies based on the services chosen, positioning them in the mid-range category.


  • Industry-specific experts enhance the quality of content.
  • Offers a complimentary resume review for initial evaluation.
  • Additional services, such as cover letter writing, contribute to a comprehensive offering.


  • Quality can fluctuate based on the assigned writer.
  • Pricing may not be as competitive as some other options.

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